Who we are?

East Turkistan People's Association

East Turkistan People’s Association (ETPA) works as a body that appeals to the world governments and individuals who cherish freedom about the horrible situation of East Turkistan(occupied by the Chinese invaders in 1949, named Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region (XUAR) in 1955, Xinjiang means new territory). ETPA serves the victims of the heinous crimes committed against people of East Turkistan by Chinese invaders. ETPA is the voice of the innocent people who are being abused and murdered in the concentration camps, the innocent people who are suffering physically and mentally under the oppression of Chinese invaders, and the innocent people who even don’t have any means to raise their voice.

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Chairman Abdurahman Hasan’s Biography

Abdurahman Hasan has been interviewed dozens of times by the volunteer television programs. Here is the partial list of Interviews held in Uyghur language.

Just shoot my mother and wife, I will pay for the bullet  BBC news, in Eglish https://youtu.be/Qa9w3wUWWAE

Why established East Turkistan People’s Association? How does it serve the East Turkistan People? https://youtu.be/6W2ZvA_9yRU

Why ETPA is sending letters of plea?  https://youtu.be/3lt6UR0GplI

Refuse some misconceptions  https://youtu.be/HV2NFXK6Yzk

Few point regarding the concept of the country and restoring country  https://youtu.be/3S9XjP6ivPY

Random question regarding current campaigns on restoring country https://youtu.be/tufn45ZKMlc

Questions on testimony campaigns 2    https://youtu.be/7skyZuPiNHA

Difficulties on testimony campaigns https://youtu.be/QueZtLeXj1I

Questions on testimony campaigns 1 https://youtu.be/OC4aUmIFIVY

The shortest way to restore our country https://youtu.be/OC4aUmIFIVY

Who is Abdurahman Hasan? https://youtu.be/TpQj672cLXU